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Breast Implant Surface

Breast Implant Surface

What are the different surfaces that exist in Breast Implants?

The current generation of breast implants is fabricated with an external envelope constructed of tightly bonded silicone elastomer with rubber-like characteristics. This material is inert and poses no risk to the tissues making contact with the external shell. The surface of the silicone rubber envelope is fabricated with a smooth transparent outer surface or a micro-textured opaque rough exterior surface.

Breast Implant Surface

In general, smooth-surfaced breast implants usually are prefilled with cohesive silicone gel to a fixed volume that cannot be adjusted by the surgeon at the surgery. The smooth surface permits a high degree of implant mobility and flexibility. Smooth implants are designed to continually reposition and rotate within the breast pocket after augmentation. Manufacturers prepare these implants only in round shapes to avoid visible breast distortion from the expected implant movement. The characteristic mobility and flexibility of smooth round shaped silicone gel-filled implants make them especially effective at reproducing the natural feel and sensation of a real breast. In addition, surgical placement through small well-hidden incisions on the chest or armpit is facilitated with the smooth implant surface. Breast massage routines after implantation are encouraged to keep smooth implants mobile and soft within the breast pocket.

Micro-textured breast implants resist movement and have a lower risk of displacement following breast augmentation. Anatomical breast implants are constructed with micro-textured surfaces to prevent visible deformity from a rotation. Breast massage routines are not necessary with textured breast implants. Micro-texturing on the surface of breast implants has the theoretical benefit of reduced capsular forces acting internally on the implant during healing. However, improved risk of capsular contracture has not been proven.

Different breast implant surface characteristics offer subtle theoretical advantages after breast augmentation. It may be useful to discuss with Dr. Chen Lee the potential advantages offered by a smooth versus textured surface breast implant for your particular case.

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