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Breast Augmentation Price

Breast Augmentation Price

Breast augmentation price in Montreal

Our Clinic Price of Breast Augmentation (2020/05/01)

Our current breast augmentation price is $7500 to $8500 + taxes. This quoted price is for a first time and uncomplicated breast augmentation. The price is a “global fee”.

Price quotes are “global fees” designed to cover the usual costs of a routine uncomplicated primary breast augmentation with prosthetic breast implants. The price quoted covers the following costs:

  1. Professional fees of the plastic surgeon.
  2. Professional fees of the anesthetist.
  3. Use of the surgery center for the surgical procedure. Includes use of the operating theatre, recovery room, nursing care, health care technicians, medications, and medical supplies.
  4.  Cost of breast implants.
  5.  Routine post-surgical care for 1 year.

The quoted “global fee” does not cover any costs associated with subsequent revisions and surgeries.


Canadian Public Health

Cosmetic surgical procedures are not insured by Canadian public health providers. More specifically, fees for a cosmetic breast augmentation procedure in Montreal are not covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec.

Forms of payment and financing

Accepted forms of payment include cash, certified checks, bank drafts, and debit card payments.  Credit card payments are accepted with a surcharge applied (2-4% depending on the brand of the credit card)  to cover expenses from card processing. The surcharge varies with the particular brand of the credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express).

Patients seeking a well-planned schedule of payment can explore the options presented by Medicard.  They are a reputable company offering to finance Canadian patients seeking cosmetic surgical procedures.

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