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Consultation for Breast Augmentation

Consultation for Breast Augmentation

Why is consultation important?

As a patient looking for a doctor to provide you care. You should use the initial consultation to evaluate the thoughtfulness of the surgeon, his/her qualifications, and the quality of information that is communicated.With cosmetic breast augmentation surgery, it is crucial to establish a robust patient-surgeon rapport at the initial consultation. An experienced surgeon will use the initial consultation to assess whether the specific treatment requested by the patient is technically feasible and whether the expected outcome following breast augmentation is realistic.

Dr. Chen Lee’s consultation

During your consultation, Dr. Lee will listen and learn about your breast augmentation goals and objectives, perform a breast examination, review breast incisions, placement of breast implants, and discuss the risks associated with a breast augmentation procedure.
Consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Augmentation Goals and Objectives:

With the greatest of confidentiality and sensitivity, Dr. Chen Lee will listen to your goals and objectives to be attained from a breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Lee will be interested in learning about your desired breast size, shape, and symmetry. If it helps you to express yourself, feel at ease to bring assist devices (e.g. bra padding, images, etc.). In addition to learning of the physical characteristics desired from your breast augmentation, Dr. Lee will be interested to understand your thoughts on how a breast augmentation will affect your personal, social, and professional life. With a complete understanding of your goals and objectives, Dr. Lee will be able to facilitate a safe and pleasant breast augmentation experience in Montreal.

Breast Examination:

Your breast augmentation consultation will always include a thorough breast examination. Key breast measurements will be recorded. Your breast envelope and skin will be evaluated for elasticity, thickness, and distensibility. These soft tissue qualities will define your breasts’ tolerance to accept a defined range of breast implant sizes (dimensions, volumes). Your areola size (pigmented skin around the nipple) and nipple position will be noted. This will assist in determining the technical feasibility of specific breast incisions (i.e. peri-areolar incision) and also determine whether concomitant procedures to reposition sagging breasts or poorly positioned nipples are necessary (i.e. mastopexy). Using your breast measurements and examination findings, Dr. Chen Lee will make specific recommendations that maximize the likelihood that your objectives will be attained with a breast augmentation procedure in Montreal.

Preparation for breast implants
Breast Implant Composition
Breast Implants
Incisions for Breast Augmentation in Montreal

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